Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why "oisterjosh"?

But why on earth would you have a name like "oisterjosh"?

Well, it all started one day when I was in about grade 2 when my sister, her friend, and I were all walking home from school. My sister's friend nicknamed my sister Shrimp, because she was fairly short for her age. Anyways, I was jealous that my sister had a cool nickname, and I didn't have one. My sister's friend replied "Well Josh, let's make a nickname for you right now. Let's see...a shrimp lives underwater and so do...oysters! You can be Oyster." I was fairly satisfied with that, so that was my nickname for a while. Then in grade 4, when all the cool kids were getting Hotmail, I wanted one too. I was pretty much computer-illiterate at the time, as we had dial-up, so I got my dad to make one for me. My sister had just made one earlier that day, and had used 'shrimpliz' as her email, so I asked for 'oysterjosh' but I didn't spell it, and apparently my dad has poor spelling capabilities, so I ended up with "oisterjosh." Well, it just kind of stuck, and I used "oisterjosh" for everything online. With the consistency, people would rarely forget things, such as my blog's URL. Also, it's useful that it's spelt wrong, because I've never once tried to make an account somewhere and found that someone else was using that name.

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