Tuesday, November 27, 2007

English and stuff.

Well, my parents have cracked down, and now I need to work harder at school. Basically, I've been working hard in everything other than English, because it seems no matter how hard I try, I still get a very low mark. We're doing Shakespeare now, so it'll be extra hard for me to concentrate and put in a good effort. Not a big Shakespeare fan. I'm going to try harder though, especially on my ACE paragraphs, because I struggle with the whole structure of them.
Enough about English. I'm starting on the Christmas tree farm soon. Probably just for December, but it'll help my money situation for Christmas shopping. Maybe I can work on their website some more, it saves me a lot of rainy work. Ten dollars an hour to do easy website stuff? Any day.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


So a lot has been happening, and I haven't posted much in here. I guess I can't really give that as an excuse when I hardly go on FaceBook less than an hour every day. I guess I'm just not very motivated to post much. When I first made my blog, quite a few people would check it daily, but it's dwindled down to somewhere between 1 and 4 per day. (Hooray for Google Analytics)
I guess when I first made this, I was constantly updating it, but by now I've kind of stopped, and when I do write anything, it's not very interesting. Oh well, that's life.
I beat Bloons Tower Defence 2 on easy, that was a major accomplishment. I also got 92% on a Biology test. A mark with which I am quite proud.
In Physics, we're just starting a project where you bring materials, and you get 4 balloons, and you have to make a car powered by the balloons, and there are prizes for farthest, fastest, etc.
Yesterday, November 10th, was my friend Mike's birthday, and some friends were celebrating across the street from me. Now at first you would think 'oh that's nice, I hope you had fun, Josh', BUT it was also another friend's birthday party, which I said I would go to before I even heard about Mike's party. I went to Mike's for about half an hour before I left for Jenn's, but I felt kind of bad for coming for such a short time.
James isn't allowed to say 'Sick burn' for a week, and Caitlyn isn't allowed to say 'By the way' or 'Pretty sure', and by the way, I'm pretty sure they always say that, and one of them is going to slip. Sick burn!
And on a side note, I'm trying to incorporate a bit of italics into my posts, because I always like when I read other people's blogs, and there are italics. It brings out the emphasis or whatever. Helpful for understanding, as well as more fun to read. Or perhaps the topic of the blog is more interesting than my life.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Haircut again!

I got a haircut again. It was about time. In fact, it was about time a few months ago. This time I actually went to a barber instead of getting my mom to shave it like last time. It looks pretty snazzy if I do say so myself.