Saturday, January 16, 2010

World travels

So, right now I am typing this from Ningbo, China. I'm staying in AJ's dorm until we start our international travels. Though I suppose I have technically started that when I flew to Shanghai. Anyways, we're going up to the north part of China, to Harbin, to look at the cool ice sculptures. It was about -30 there the other day. Yikes.

After that, we'll come back to Ningbo, drop off our winter gear, and grab our swimming trunks and t-shirts. We're heading down to Shenzhen en route to Bangkok, Thailand. Once in Thailand, we'll probably go to the Tiger Temple, and tour the general area on rented dirtbikes. After we're done looking around there, we're heading east to Cambodia to do basically the same thing. Rent a couple dirtbikes (a few dollars a day, hooray for 3rd world countries) and drive around sightseeing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SModcasts and The Mighty Boosh

This blog post may come as a surprise to you, seeing as how I haven't written anything since December. I guess that would mean I should welcome everyone into the new year or something...
I got an iPod Touch, so I've been spending less and less time on the computer, and more time sitting downstairs watching TV and talking on msn on my iPod. Unfortunately, due to a recent overreaction by my dad, my iPod and phone have been confiscated for a week, and I've been grounded as well. The grounding doesn't bother me too much, except for the fact that I'm grounded for the long weekend...and I won't have my phone or iPod, so I'm not sure what I'll do for about 15 hours on Friday and Saturday.
The real reason I'm writing this is because I'm supposed to be doing English, and I really don't want to. My mom is about the house so I need to do something that from aural distance may seem to be English...with minimal clicking, and maximum typing.

SModcasts. They are podcasts done by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. They are the most hilarious, droll pair of grown men I've ever listened to. For one, they have extremely interesting lives, and also, they aren't afraid to talk about subjects most people don't talk about. Each SModcast is about an hour long, they are very minimally edited, and each one is entertaining throughout. I suppose the majority of people who would listen to a podcast wouldn't want to listen for an hour at a time, so Kevin and Scott's random subject-jumps make it easy to pause partway through a SModcast, yet still enjoy every section. Sometimes, although rarely, one of them will make a joke related to a previously mentioned story or something that happened in the podcast, but for the most part, everything's separate.

The Mighty Boosh. Definitely the funniest British comedy show I've ever watched in my life. My friend gave me the episodes, and I've been watching them on my iPod over the past few weeks. Unfortunately only European region DVDs have been made, so the seasons are only available via downloading. Apparently they may eventually release it with the North American region, and possible even give it a TV spot in the states. The style of the show is sort of a psychedelic/comedy/musical. There's usually a song out of every 2-3 episodes, and it's always hilarious. The two main characters, Howard and Vince, invented a type of scat called crimping. They simultaneously sing/talk hilarious, random lines. One example is as follows (although it can not be fully explained without listening to it)

Soup, soup,
A tasty, soup, super spicy,
Carrot and coriander,
Chilli chowder,
Crouton, crouton, crunchy friends in a liquid broth,
I am gazpacho, oh,
I am a summer soup, mmm,
Miso, Miso, fighting in the dojo, Miso, Miso,
Oriental prince in the land of soup!

Anyways, I'd definitely suggest watching The Mighty Boosh. If it comes to North American television, or they release the DVDs here, I'll definitely write about it.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This Christmas was much different than any other Christmas I've had. This year, Matt wasn't living at home. When he and Tess came over, they were guests. Well, they weren't treated like guests, they were treated like family...but even still, the fact that they came over as opposed to just being here for's just weird.
But nobody cares about my brother's current living situation, they want to know what I got! Or maybe they're just here to make me feel better about myself by commenting on my posts, without actually taking in any of the information.
Either way, I don't really care...whatever makes my Google Analytics charts look better :D
So for Christmas, I got a Calvin and Hobbes book, a battery charger and some rechargeable batteries, money for an iPod Touch, and some headphones for aforementioned iPod. Also some Tim Hortons money. Apparently it can only be used at Tim Hortons, I can't use it towards the iPod...
That's basically all I was a fairly present-less Christmas, because I specifically asked for money, so most people just gave cash, some with cards to go with it.

Also, on the job front...No word from Staples yet, but my friend's quitting in January or February, so maybe I'll be able to snag his position...he gave me a pretty good reference, so I'm hoping...But I don't want to wait so long...I might apply at a couple other places, and see what happens...I can always just use Staples as a fallback, in case whatever I apply for never happens...doesn't hurt to try, anyways.

Also, I'm fat and I need to run. Every time you talk to me, call me Pudgy, and remind me to go running and do situps and stuff. When I eat a lot of junk food, and then never do any exercise, bad things happen.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Texting and Working

I got free texting a little while ago, so I can be less cheap with my phone. It turns out I'm spending the same amount (with pay as you go) now as I was before I got free texting. It kind of blows because I don't have a job so I can't really afford to be spending too much. Job-wise, I'm not sure where I want to work. I was thinking Red Robin (Notice it's not called Red Robins. My childhood is ruined), but I can't get there by bus, and my dad works, and my mom tutors at random times, so I can't depend on rides from my parents. The only other option is to bus part-way and then walk the rest of the way, which I was willing to do...until my dad reminded me of the neighbourhood around Red Robin. It's like druggie/hooker central (For Maple Ridge anyways). So I decided to settle for second-best and I think I'll apply at Staples. I've known a few people who have worked there, and they all seem to have liked it, as far as jobs go. I'm pretty sure I can bus there, and I think they'd be fairly flexible for my hours, so I'll probably go pick up an application some time soon.

I hate the process of applying places. After how I got the job at Jacob's, it's hard to make myself write out a formal resumé, and fill out an application form. For Jacob, he just got my brother to bring me one day, and work alongside him, and I guess he was just making sure I wasn't retarded or something, and then at the end of the day he paid me for that day's work, and told me to come back the next day.

Also, apparently at Staples their electronics department is already pretty much full, so I'd probably end up restocking stuff, and maybe being a cashier. That's not too bad, just I would like it a lot more if I could work with computers and stuff.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A little update

I guess it's about time for another post. I don't really have much to tell, but SOMEONE (*cough* Kayla *cough*) keeps hassling me to write something, so I guess I will...

October 30th was the due date for the yearbook write-ups for the grads...I wasn't sure what I was going to write, but I wanted it to be funny, but not a waste of space. I ended up writing something like 'Wow, that was 13 years of school? It felt like...13 years.' and then some random stuff, followed by 'I've always liked living in Pitt Meadows, because it's such a nice little peaceful community. Unfortunately, a couple years ago, I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said 'You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. I whistled for a cab and when it got near the license plate said FRESH and it had dice in the mirror. Have good lives, classmates.' I sure hope everyone is still down with Bel-Airs by the end of the year, otherwise my write-up will be lame :(

Anyways, if something interesting happens, I'll try to remember to write about it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Asian Pride

The other day, I was talking to a Korean kid in my English class about when I lived in Korea. He was pretty amazed that I could read Korean, and so we were writing notes to each other with English words, but written with Korean letters. Korean is completely phonetic, which makes it extremely easy to learn, so long as you stick with it long enough to remember the 24 letters, as well as a couple basic rules. For example, consonants can't be the first character in a syllable, or when -character- is next to -character-, it makes -such and such- sound.
Anyways, so my English teacher saw me talking to the Korean kid, and jokingly asked me if I was speaking Korean...and I said yes. Also, a joke...but a terrible idea. I explained that I don't actually speak fluently, I just know a few phrases, and I can read/write it phonetically, but she is now determined that I will learn Korean by the end of the year. The up-side is that Harris is a pretty neat guy, and he's been teaching me some Korean cultural things, and I have diplomatic immunity to talk during class, so long as it's in Korean. The down-side, however, outweighs the good side. My teacher expects me to all of the sudden try WAY harder in class, because she figures if I can finish my work faster, I can do my 'daily Korean lesson' with Harris.

"Josh, this is all very interesting, but where's the part where you talk about something crazy and exciting?"

I knew you'd ask. Generally I wouldn't tell a story like this, but recently, Kayla Black has been learning some Korean, and I have been having fun helping her a bit, as well as talking about Korean stuff. If anyone else is learning Korean, there are some pretty wicked-easy websites that teach basic Korean (to learn to sound out the characters). Also, a few phrases to impress your Korean friends.

Speaking of parents wouldn't sign a form allowing me to watch a movie in French class, due to 'excessive coarse language' and 'sexual scenes'. This is fairly normal, and expected, but the annoying part is that instead of watching the movie, then doing a little worksheet that takes about 20 minutes max, my teacher is making me do a 300 word French. This usually wouldn't be a huge problem, I've done a couple already this year in-class, which is about an hour and 15 minutes. It's just the whole idea behind it...I have to make up for the time that the class spent watching Bon Cop Bad Cop by writing an essay.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Homeschool Collage

Over the fairly short time I was homeschooled, I met quite a few people. Of those people, I got along with most. Of those people, I became friends with a few. These are those few's stories. Actually it's my stories, or descriptions, or shout-outs related to those people. Whatever. Shut up and read the rest of this message.

First of all, AJ Mauger. He's been a great friend over the years, and we've stayed in contact (or as much contact one can have with AJ) since grade 8 when we met. Because of our strange personalities, we've gotten along with each other really well, including lighting things on fire, or sitting 20 feet away from each other, playing separate videogames, not talking to each other, and still having way more fun than we'd have if we were just alone. Also, we've had some pretty sweet times singing along with music, and talking about random asian things. Another thing we have in common is our faux-love for communism and its prosperity. We've had a lot of deep talks, and a lot of shallow talks...talking + aj + josh = laughter (only AJ will get this reference)
There aren't many other things to say about AJ, other than that I think he's a hilarious, kind, smart, and honest friend.

Now, not to make everyone else feel bad, but I have a lot less to write about, since I haven't really hung out with many other people other than AJ.

Brandon Cazander. Oh, Brandon, you are so ridiculously nerdy, yet you maintain your, and you don't look like a nerd. I envy you for that. Also I envy your Dutch background, for you have an excuse every time you buy something simply because it's on sale, or your love for flowers and dropies. I am only pseudo-dutch :(
Also, your willingness to help others with their technological problems has always inspired me...prior to meeting you, if someone wanted help, I'd probably give them some advice, or some minimal help, but I'd never research something and try different things until I figured out and fixed the problem, like you do almost every time anyone ever comes to you.

Next up is Randi. I hung out with you only a couple times, but we talked a lot on MSN/FirstClass, and you helped me through a lot, for which I thank you. There isn't really much more to say.

Sarah Goldberg is next. Sarah, you always entertained me with your insulting way of communicating. I suppose I earned this hostility, and I think I took it nicely, even though you were nothing but a jerk to me ever since we met. But seriously though, you made me feel better about being a nerdy little kid who liked being in the dark all day. You also made vClass more enjoyable, as you'd be my main rival (along with jm) for the best InfoTech vClass game player.
ps - I still have that picture. Don't try any funny business.

Blake Sovdi doesn't deserve such a low placing in my post, but I never really got to know him so I figure I'd demote him for that reason. Actually the real reason is that I'm just writing about people as I remember things about them. Anyways, Blake was legendary. His blog was hilarious and witty, as well as very interesting at the same time. Also, he had a bird named...Bird. His pet would often be seen sitting on his shoulder on webcam during an iVisit gathering. Blake was well-respected by everyone, and loved by most. Unfortunately he dropped out to work construction, and the whole of FirstClass suffered greatly soon after.

brenden Gillespie was pretty rad. I never really talked to him that much, but he gave me some advice one time at a trip to the pool, and it was actually pretty useful. From the little amount that I knew about him, he was a pretty solid fellow though.

Nadia Bronk sure did love her debates. I never debated with her for fear of my life, but she was a pretty interesting person. She is an Atheist, and she liked to debate philosophies with everyone. Unlike a lot of people, she would actually do her research on topics, and wouldn't just debate without backup.

Matt Ten-Bohmer. He was a nice guy, he liked biking, and he made some stop-motion videos. I saw him a couple times, and we chatted a bit. He's nice. He contributed a lot to the Lunch Room, and I believe him and Mike are pretty good friends.

On that note, Michael Hunter. He and Matt are pretty chummy, and often bike together. They'd always be talking on the Lunch Room, avoiding schoolwork.

Jean-Michel was a fantastically nerdy guy. He was definitely one of my favourite people to talk to on Skype. I loved helping him with his English work, because the more I'd help him with it, the more spare time he'd have, and in his spare time he'd show me neat things I could do with my computer, or just random things he'd found out about. Also, I loved how eager he was to learn about English stuff. One thing I remember was teaching him the difference between 'twelve-year-old' and 'twelve years old'.

I think that's it. For now, anyways. If you're not in here, I probably purposely left you out. If you think I probably forgot you, send me a facebook message, or email, or comment, or ultimatum, and I'll think about adding you.

All in all I really enjoyed my time being homeschooled, other than the ridiculous amount of work I had to do...I really enjoyed InfoTech with Mr. Haworth, especially his ultra-fun vClasses. I also liked PE with homeschool, because you could go out and ride bikes or go for a run or whatever, and just tally how much physical activity you do, and so long as you did about an hour a day of physical stuff, you'd get an A :D

I guess this is the end of my ridiculously long post. Don't expect any more of these. Don't even expect one half the length of this one.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, it's that time again...or at least it will be in but a few days. Back-to-school time seems less rushed every year, doesn't it? I always used to worry about getting new clothes, and stuff like that, but now I'm kind of just living my summer life until September 1st, and then I plan to go into school mode after that. I think I don't have enough binders, but I only used 2 binders last year so I should be able to last at least a little while with only 2.

I really want to get an Xbox 360, but I want to wait until there's some sort of promotional deal...I wanted to get it when there was the 20G one for $299 and it came with The Orange Box and Rainbow Six....I'd just trade in Rainbow Six at EB Games, but I'd save $40 on not having to buy The Orange Box. Also, I'd really like to get the Xbox at either Superstore or BestBuy, due to the high chances of having to return it. I'm also thinking about getting a 60G, since it's only $50 more, and I can download a lot more stuff with that extra space, including all my games, to save on loading times.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Working my way back up

Not quite a hilarious post, but hopefully it's a bit more entertaining than the previous one. Bear with me.
So my parents are really restrictive, especially in movies and the like. Perhaps they're trying to stop me from having bad influences on me...but at some point it needs to stop. You can't try to do that forever. I understand that parents wouldn't want their impressionable 10-year-old child to go to Disturbia, or to play Grand Theft Auto, but I'm not ten anymore.
Maybe I'll just write a completely different blog post as part of this one, because otherwise I would have written two non-funny blog posts, which would ruin my reputation.
At the fireworks with AJ, I continued my game which I talked about a long time ago. Actually, continued our game. We got some sensual ice cream, and went for a romantic stroll along the waterfront. We saw this boat spraying water out, and we were looking at it for a minute or so, then all of the sudden I hear 'Is that Josh Young?' and I look around and right behind where I was standing were some people I know. Isn't that crazy?
Last year, my eskimo friend started recording a hilarious podcast with his friend. I've totally gotten into it. Some day, I'm going to be part of one. That is a day I can't wait for. Also, I can't wait for the day when Mamma Mia comes out on DVD. I will purchase a copy fo' sho'.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well, I have been meaning to write this for a while. This is mainly a post for myself, which is kind of strange, but get over it. So recently, I've been working quite a bit, and when I work, I have a lot of time to think to myself. Also, a lot of time to think about myself. Generally, it's just your generic 'I should do more situps, and eat less McDonalds' (Never actually happens), or your other generic pity-party kind of things. Then one day I had an original, personalized self-thought. I'm really really self-centered. I always joke about it, but I guess it's another case of the jokes with a hint (or in this case, more than just a hint) of truth in them. I try not to be too self-centered, but I often catch myself in a selfish thought/action.
I think one of the main problems I have is with money. I'm always hesitant to give up my money, even if it's for a completely okay reason. Like for example, if someone wants money for gas, or money for food, or whatever, I automatically try to figure out EXACTLY how much it would cost them, and then not give them any more than they paid, or whatever. Also, it seems I often assume things I shouldn't, such as 'this rule probably doesn't really apply to me', among other things. One of the worst things (for other people, anyways), is when I get mad at someone for something, then turn around and do the exact same thing, but think it's alright, and get mad at people for being annoyed.
Another thing, unrelated to self-centeredness, is that I often find myself not necessarily insulting people behind their back, but not exactly complimenting them either. I need to work on that. Next post won't be so down, hopefully, although I need to write one about complaining, that's for sure :P