Thursday, August 28, 2008

Homeschool Collage

Over the fairly short time I was homeschooled, I met quite a few people. Of those people, I got along with most. Of those people, I became friends with a few. These are those few's stories. Actually it's my stories, or descriptions, or shout-outs related to those people. Whatever. Shut up and read the rest of this message.

First of all, AJ Mauger. He's been a great friend over the years, and we've stayed in contact (or as much contact one can have with AJ) since grade 8 when we met. Because of our strange personalities, we've gotten along with each other really well, including lighting things on fire, or sitting 20 feet away from each other, playing separate videogames, not talking to each other, and still having way more fun than we'd have if we were just alone. Also, we've had some pretty sweet times singing along with music, and talking about random asian things. Another thing we have in common is our faux-love for communism and its prosperity. We've had a lot of deep talks, and a lot of shallow talks...talking + aj + josh = laughter (only AJ will get this reference)
There aren't many other things to say about AJ, other than that I think he's a hilarious, kind, smart, and honest friend.

Now, not to make everyone else feel bad, but I have a lot less to write about, since I haven't really hung out with many other people other than AJ.

Brandon Cazander. Oh, Brandon, you are so ridiculously nerdy, yet you maintain your, and you don't look like a nerd. I envy you for that. Also I envy your Dutch background, for you have an excuse every time you buy something simply because it's on sale, or your love for flowers and dropies. I am only pseudo-dutch :(
Also, your willingness to help others with their technological problems has always inspired me...prior to meeting you, if someone wanted help, I'd probably give them some advice, or some minimal help, but I'd never research something and try different things until I figured out and fixed the problem, like you do almost every time anyone ever comes to you.

Next up is Randi. I hung out with you only a couple times, but we talked a lot on MSN/FirstClass, and you helped me through a lot, for which I thank you. There isn't really much more to say.

Sarah Goldberg is next. Sarah, you always entertained me with your insulting way of communicating. I suppose I earned this hostility, and I think I took it nicely, even though you were nothing but a jerk to me ever since we met. But seriously though, you made me feel better about being a nerdy little kid who liked being in the dark all day. You also made vClass more enjoyable, as you'd be my main rival (along with jm) for the best InfoTech vClass game player.
ps - I still have that picture. Don't try any funny business.

Blake Sovdi doesn't deserve such a low placing in my post, but I never really got to know him so I figure I'd demote him for that reason. Actually the real reason is that I'm just writing about people as I remember things about them. Anyways, Blake was legendary. His blog was hilarious and witty, as well as very interesting at the same time. Also, he had a bird named...Bird. His pet would often be seen sitting on his shoulder on webcam during an iVisit gathering. Blake was well-respected by everyone, and loved by most. Unfortunately he dropped out to work construction, and the whole of FirstClass suffered greatly soon after.

brenden Gillespie was pretty rad. I never really talked to him that much, but he gave me some advice one time at a trip to the pool, and it was actually pretty useful. From the little amount that I knew about him, he was a pretty solid fellow though.

Nadia Bronk sure did love her debates. I never debated with her for fear of my life, but she was a pretty interesting person. She is an Atheist, and she liked to debate philosophies with everyone. Unlike a lot of people, she would actually do her research on topics, and wouldn't just debate without backup.

Matt Ten-Bohmer. He was a nice guy, he liked biking, and he made some stop-motion videos. I saw him a couple times, and we chatted a bit. He's nice. He contributed a lot to the Lunch Room, and I believe him and Mike are pretty good friends.

On that note, Michael Hunter. He and Matt are pretty chummy, and often bike together. They'd always be talking on the Lunch Room, avoiding schoolwork.

Jean-Michel was a fantastically nerdy guy. He was definitely one of my favourite people to talk to on Skype. I loved helping him with his English work, because the more I'd help him with it, the more spare time he'd have, and in his spare time he'd show me neat things I could do with my computer, or just random things he'd found out about. Also, I loved how eager he was to learn about English stuff. One thing I remember was teaching him the difference between 'twelve-year-old' and 'twelve years old'.

I think that's it. For now, anyways. If you're not in here, I probably purposely left you out. If you think I probably forgot you, send me a facebook message, or email, or comment, or ultimatum, and I'll think about adding you.

All in all I really enjoyed my time being homeschooled, other than the ridiculous amount of work I had to do...I really enjoyed InfoTech with Mr. Haworth, especially his ultra-fun vClasses. I also liked PE with homeschool, because you could go out and ride bikes or go for a run or whatever, and just tally how much physical activity you do, and so long as you did about an hour a day of physical stuff, you'd get an A :D

I guess this is the end of my ridiculously long post. Don't expect any more of these. Don't even expect one half the length of this one.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, it's that time again...or at least it will be in but a few days. Back-to-school time seems less rushed every year, doesn't it? I always used to worry about getting new clothes, and stuff like that, but now I'm kind of just living my summer life until September 1st, and then I plan to go into school mode after that. I think I don't have enough binders, but I only used 2 binders last year so I should be able to last at least a little while with only 2.

I really want to get an Xbox 360, but I want to wait until there's some sort of promotional deal...I wanted to get it when there was the 20G one for $299 and it came with The Orange Box and Rainbow Six....I'd just trade in Rainbow Six at EB Games, but I'd save $40 on not having to buy The Orange Box. Also, I'd really like to get the Xbox at either Superstore or BestBuy, due to the high chances of having to return it. I'm also thinking about getting a 60G, since it's only $50 more, and I can download a lot more stuff with that extra space, including all my games, to save on loading times.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Working my way back up

Not quite a hilarious post, but hopefully it's a bit more entertaining than the previous one. Bear with me.
So my parents are really restrictive, especially in movies and the like. Perhaps they're trying to stop me from having bad influences on me...but at some point it needs to stop. You can't try to do that forever. I understand that parents wouldn't want their impressionable 10-year-old child to go to Disturbia, or to play Grand Theft Auto, but I'm not ten anymore.
Maybe I'll just write a completely different blog post as part of this one, because otherwise I would have written two non-funny blog posts, which would ruin my reputation.
At the fireworks with AJ, I continued my game which I talked about a long time ago. Actually, continued our game. We got some sensual ice cream, and went for a romantic stroll along the waterfront. We saw this boat spraying water out, and we were looking at it for a minute or so, then all of the sudden I hear 'Is that Josh Young?' and I look around and right behind where I was standing were some people I know. Isn't that crazy?
Last year, my eskimo friend started recording a hilarious podcast with his friend. I've totally gotten into it. Some day, I'm going to be part of one. That is a day I can't wait for. Also, I can't wait for the day when Mamma Mia comes out on DVD. I will purchase a copy fo' sho'.