Saturday, March 8, 2008

Something to Ponder

This will be one of my more unusual posts. I suppose I've definitely had my fair share of those. Anyways, here goes.
When I lived in Korea, I was on the computer pretty much all day every day, doing schoolwork or MSN. Anyways, I did a heck of a lot of typing. I also was working through ATRT with infotech. As it worked out, I got ridiculously fast at typing, between the practice, and the lessons with ATRT. I developed a sort of mix between home row and hunt-and-peck. I use my index finger, middle finger, and ring finger on each hand to type, and my index finger on my right hand for the space bar. I'm not sure when that started happening, because when I was doing ATRT, I was using my right thumb for space, but without noticing, I apparently stopped :S
Anyways, onto the main idea. The one you're supposed to ponder. But it's not much of a pondering idea, more of an 'I agree with that' idea.
I noticed one day that I get frustrated when I'm printing. For example, writing an english essay or whatever. I figured out that it's because I get thoughts, and I can't get them on paper before I forget them, or think of other thoughts. Because I'm used to being able to write down my thoughts as fast as I can think them up, my mind doesn't dwell on a thought for very long. Or maybe I have ADD. Or perhaps both. So I guess for me, it would be good to buy a nice little cheap laptop and bring it to school and type on it instead of writing stuff down. The only problem is that I wouldn't be able to fill in worksheets as easily, especially if I had gotten used to typing everything out. Maybe I'll just have to suck it up and wait until I'm out of high school, and in post-secondary I'll just do everything on a laptop.
What do you think? Do you type fast enough to keep up with your mind? Do you get frustrated when you print/write? I won't even get started on how slow I write. It'd be quicker to watch a race between two turtles across an ocean of peanut butter.

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