Thursday, August 30, 2007

Facebook - Compare People

There's an application on Facebook where it asks a random question about two random people, like this:
Then you click on either the picture, or the name, and it counts that you voted for that person, and for the other person, it counts that they came up, and you voted for the other person. Or if neither person fits the description, or both people are equal, then you can skip it and it won't count as anything. Anyways, so I was looking around the top people in my school for things, and I came across this...

Yep, apparently I have the prettiest eyes in my school. That's kind of interesting.

You can probably tell I'm running out of things to put in my blog, can't you?

School (And #50 post!)

Yeah, school's almost back. I guess I had a fun summer. I managed to avoid work quite a bit, which allowed for a lot of fun days.
Usually, someone with a blog would post pictures of stuff they did during the summer, but just to stick it to the man, I won't. Go on facebook, and look at pictures of me. Everyone else uploaded pictures of what I did, so that's good enough.
Speaking of Facebook, I can't wait until I finally get myself a digital camera, because I will finally be able to take my own pictures with my own camera, instead of taking my dad's, and being so afraid of scratching it etc. I like doing random things, so it helps having a camera. Actually, I will post a picture. This picture is pretty awesome, and captures the essense of enjoying doing random things. It's not on Facebook, so you should feel pretty special.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

That's right, Not only did Liz crimp my hair, but I also posed for model shots! And that's not all! I also uploaded the pictures to facebook, and you can all view them, even if you dont have a facebook account! Enjoy :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I went to the fireworks last night, which was really fun. We sat on a log, really far away, so my butt hurt, and I couldn't see the fireworks all that well, but I still had a good time.
Caitlin got some pictures on one of those disposable cameras, so I'll post them whenever I get them. She's going to get the pictures developed and put on a CD, so yeah. Remind me to bug her until she does it :)