Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rock Band

I used to think Guitar Hero was a brilliant idea. They combine hand-eye coordination, button mashing, and good music to make a supergame!
I've now seen the light. Rock Band is the most amazing game that was ever invented. They took Guitar Hero and improved on it greatly. They added drums and vocals, while keeping guitar and bass, and made it more of a band thing than randomly playing guitar songs. I also love how there can be four players at one time. Guitar hero allowed for...2
Also, the absolutely beautiful graphics on Rock Band are pretty wonderful...I like the rectangle-shaped notes, as opposed to the circular notes from Guitar Hero.
My friends and I have developed a band, called Catz. We don't have set instruments, as we all enjoy playing them all, but we do have set names. I'm Chapstick, Adrian is Kitty, Erica is Woof, and Cydney is Twinkletoes. And our opening band is Meercat. They suck, and we make fun of them during our show :)
And now about music selection. Rock Band's playlist is Absolutely Wonderful to quote DDR. It's epic. I'll be eating these words when something new comes out, perhaps Rock Band 2, or whatever it may'll have better selection, and will have added harmonies with two mic's, or something of the likes. Perhaps you'll get extra points for playing upside down above your head, which is quite entertaining and difficult, to say the least :P


Anonymous said...

Guitar part of rockband ain't so great

G hero has better songs

rock bands good for a group of friends

Charla said...

You write very well.