Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I love you, Blogger!

I just found out that I can send these posts to this blog, and to
Blogger...at the same time! Thank you blogger, you just made my day.


You know, Blogger is pretty much the best type of blog EVER...
But then again, I already have a blog...
But yet again, it is only accessable by people who are a member of my correspondance school.
It is a hard decision. I don't really want to switch to Blogger, because I have so many people who read my other one...But I want to switch to Blogger because it is so much better, and also viewable by everyone. Another idea is that I put my posts on my current blog, and also this blog. That idea basically sucks, but I might just have to do it. I will think about it later. Right now I have some homework to avoid. *Stealth mode activated*