Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Other things

So I mentioned some other things in my last post, and here they are.

First off, I was talking to someone, and they mentioned that often times, girls feel obligated to do something when they are with a guy, and he pays for something. Now, I can't vouch for anyone other guys' ulterior motives, but I can definitely say for myself, when I offer to pay for someone, I am just trying to be nice and polite.

Another thing I had in mind was how annoying it is when people have a huge reaction over a small thing. I can't remember now what exact I had been thinking of when I wrote down the reminder to include this in this post, but sometimes it just annoys me greatly. Some people just overreact to almost anything. Here's a hypothetical conversation.

Bill: Hey Sue, how's it going?
Sue: I'm pretty good. Is that a new haircut?

That was moderately exaggerated, but that kind of thing just bothers me. I suppose it's a bit of an overreaction to post this, thus creating an ironic situation, but I felt it would help me be less annoyed now that I've gotten it out of my system.

So, on a moderately related note, I've definitely been extremely busy with not only schoolwork and school-related things, but also with work and youth. This past weekend I went to Capernwray, and then tonight I had to help run a bible study, plus act in a skit. The skit was ultra-hilarious, btw.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tricky Child

I have some other things I was planning on posting, and they're probably more interesting, but I really wanted to tell this story. It took place when I was in grade 3, if I remember correctly.
I was just goofing around with a friend, and I fell over, and while falling, I grabbed for a desk. Unfortunately, I only ended up pushing the desk. There was a girl sitting right in front of the desk, and it hit her in the back. She started crying, and the teacher sent me down the the office. Now, being in grade 3, I immediately did as she said, and started feeling terrible. I began to think of the possible consequences. "I'm going to be grounded for the rest of my life! Dad's gonna throw me through a window! Mr. Koehn is going to break my knees! Maybe he'll call home and I'll get expelled!"
Anyways, as I came to the office, I saw Mr. Koehn just sitting there, in his little room. I walked in, sniffling, and he immediately donned his 'angry principal' face, glaring down at me. He asked, in his gruffest, most intimidating voice "What did you do, Josh?"
I responded in the biggest voice I could make "I hit someone with a desk by accident"
He didn't seem to be so worried about my emotional state, as he only asked about how the girl was feeling. Then he told me "By tomorrow, I want you to have 'I will be more careful in my class because people might get hurt' 20 times. Then at the bottom, I want your mom's signature."
This here was the worst part of the punishment. I'd take 100 un-signed lines over 20 lines and a signature. I was dead. There was no way out. I'd have to write the lines, then tell my parents, and I was going to get shot.
When I got home, I was just about to spill the beans, when I thought of an ingenious plan. Instead of getting the signature after my lines were done, I'd get it before they were done, and do the lines after! But how could I work that out?
Being the smart child I was, I thought of an idea.
I sauntered upstairs, pretended like nothing at all happened, and then went into my room. I got a piece of paper out of my notebook, and brought it to my mom. "Hey mom, can I have your autograph? I want to compare it to mine!"
I had written my signature close to the bottom of the page, and she wrote hers directly underneath. Then I said something to the effect of "Wow, they're so similar! Maybe it's hereditary!" Okay, so maybe I didn't say 'hereditary,' but something like that. Then I innocently walked back to my room, and slowly wrote the lines, making sure not to make any mistakes, so I could avoid having to think of something incredibly witty to get my mom's signature again.
The next day, I proudly showed the lines to Mr. Koehn, and he looked at them, then took the paper and threw it into the trash. Then he told me "Now Josh, I guess you had a talk with your mom so I'll make this short. Make sure to be more careful in school, because you could hurt someone very badly if you aren't careful."
Sneakily, I pretended to be remembering a horrible experience or something, and he just let me go to class.
Wasn't I a tricky child?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Festival of Scenes

I'm in a drama production at my school (PMSS) called The Festival of Scenes. Basically just a bunch of random scenes chosen and acted out by each group, one after another, not connected in any way. A friend and I are doing a scene from The Office, and it's pretty rad. We performed tonight, and will be performing every night until Friday. It was pretty nerve-racking at first, but I got used to it.