Saturday, January 16, 2010

World travels

So, right now I am typing this from Ningbo, China. I'm staying in AJ's dorm until we start our international travels. Though I suppose I have technically started that when I flew to Shanghai. Anyways, we're going up to the north part of China, to Harbin, to look at the cool ice sculptures. It was about -30 there the other day. Yikes.

After that, we'll come back to Ningbo, drop off our winter gear, and grab our swimming trunks and t-shirts. We're heading down to Shenzhen en route to Bangkok, Thailand. Once in Thailand, we'll probably go to the Tiger Temple, and tour the general area on rented dirtbikes. After we're done looking around there, we're heading east to Cambodia to do basically the same thing. Rent a couple dirtbikes (a few dollars a day, hooray for 3rd world countries) and drive around sightseeing.