Thursday, May 31, 2007


I told myself I would never make a facebook or myspace or nexopia or anything.
I lied to myself. I made a Facebook. It's actually not that bad...but what I definitely will never do is send emails to every freaking person on my contact list telling them to join Facebook. You can join if you want, I won't send you 100 emails a day. Ugh. Tagged is even worse. Ew.

Google Analytics

So apparently my fanbase spreads all the way to the netherlands?
I don't think that's correct...unless all those surrey people are using computers stolen from people I know...
Firefox eats every other browser for breakfast.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

YC Pictures

There were these ducks at the end of the Enchanted Forest, and these candy machines with duck food, and we got some, and the ducks swarmed me when they heard the sound of the machine, and I picked one up and hand fed it. They were so cute :)
This was our group. Notice I don't have a chair.
The back bench (left to right) - Jen (matt's friend), John (matt's friend), Greg (my friend)
Middle(left to right) - Ashley (liz's friend), me, Liz
We were some of the first people to the event. You can see I am the zenith of excitement.
I'm not sure if I'm usually this giraffe-ish, but I am styling my new Hawk Nelson shirt, and so is Greg
This was the drippiest donair I have ever had. It was practically donair soup or something.Okay, so Jen had bought a beach ball, because everyone in the floor seats hits them around if people bring them, and it's fun. Anyways, as I was blowing it up, Greg said 'It looks like Josh is kissing it!' Then John was like 'It's his girlfriend' and before that, Greg had wanted to name it Al Fredo, but instead, we named it Alice Fredo and drew lips and eyelashes on 'her'. You can kind of see a speech bubble at the bottom, it says 'Hi! I'm Josh's girlfriend'. So we all wrote our names and stuff, and I threw her into the audience. At the end, I found her on the other side of the fence between the stage and floor seats, and I asked a security guard for her. She was COMPLETELY covered with names, emails, phone numbers, nex's, etc. I'll get a picture soon, hopefully. Jen let me keep her.Alas, all good things have an end, and so did our trip, as well as our visit with Jen and John. They took the airport shuttle, and were back in Whitehorse before we even went to sleep.

If you want to see wildlife pictures, or anything else, message me. I figure, once you've seen one bear/mountain goat/moose/cariboo, you've seen 'em all.

YC Trip

I got back from Edmonton (we went to YC) last night. YC was really fun :)
We went to YC with some friends of my brother's...they flew down from the Yukon for it...there were 6 of us and 2 of them, and 7 seats in the van (we took out the very center seat to put the cooler there) so I sat on the ground on the trips between the hotel and Rexall Place. I went to the Hawk Nelson concert and after, I bought a kazoo and t-shirt from their stand thingy, and got the kazoo autographed by all of them. I was going to go to Panic Squad, but it was completely packed...which is funny because the first year I went, they were in a small room, and it wasn't even they have a relatively large room, and it is completely full, with other people wanting to get in. Yeah, so in the Hawk Nelson concert, my friend and I were on the second row...a very difficult place to get when the entire concert hall is full, even the nosebleed seats in the back...We went at 1:30 to the BarlowGirl concert and sat down and waited. We got fairly good seats, probably 25th row or so...because we were half an hour early. Then, after that concert ended, we went forwards and took seats left by people who left after BarlowGirl. Maybe 6th row. Then it was Leeland. We actually enjoyed the concert, which we weren't expecting to. Then we managed to snag some 2nd row seats. It was great :)
There are a lot of pictures, but I have to go to school. I'll try post some pictures some time soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cabin Pictures :)

Okay, so I took a couple pictures at the cabin...There isn't much to say, so...enjoy them.

We slept in a sort of loft, above the main part of the cabin.
There's Greg, sleeping...picture taken at about 10:30 am
Hannah, Greg's dog. She was really sick about a month ago, and seems to be doing very well now, but she is deaf.
View from the cabin's window. The marked-up trees are pines, and woodpeckers eat the pine beetles.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tim Tams and Milo/HC

I used to think Tim Tams were one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. It turns out I didn't know half of how good they could be. Until Blunty made a video. So you take a small bite from opposite corners of the Tim Tam, then you put one of the corners into the hot chocolate, then you sip the hot chocolate through the Tim Tam (like a straw), and it is freaking delicious.
Not sure where you can buy Tim Tams, other than Australia...there was a Tim Tam stand at the Superstore in Pitt Meadows, but other than that I haven't seen them anywhere in Canada.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Firefox FTW!

Pwnzorz! Go Firefox! Eat it, Internet Explorer.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New phone! zomg!

Yeah, I got a cell phone the other day. Stupid Rogers, I went to put a ringtone on, and it was like "$3 for the ringtone, and a $0.75 download fee apply. Would you like to continue?" or something. That's so ridiculous. I already bought the freaking CD, I don't want to pay for a ringtone. I played the song on the computer, and recorded it with the audio recorder. That's not as good as the actual song because first of all the quality is crap, and secondly, it's only one bloody minute max! That's so ridiculous! I hate Rogers.
Btw, it's a Nokia 2610

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


My wonderful trampoline skills! Your all so gealousy!

Brownies Part 2

I made another batch of brownies, using a different recipe. They are so delicious! Not as good cold as they are warm, but what brownies aren't?
I am currently working on a video right now, it'll be on YouTube pretty soon, and I'll have the video embedded in my next post, hopefully.