Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well, I have been meaning to write this for a while. This is mainly a post for myself, which is kind of strange, but get over it. So recently, I've been working quite a bit, and when I work, I have a lot of time to think to myself. Also, a lot of time to think about myself. Generally, it's just your generic 'I should do more situps, and eat less McDonalds' (Never actually happens), or your other generic pity-party kind of things. Then one day I had an original, personalized self-thought. I'm really really self-centered. I always joke about it, but I guess it's another case of the jokes with a hint (or in this case, more than just a hint) of truth in them. I try not to be too self-centered, but I often catch myself in a selfish thought/action.
I think one of the main problems I have is with money. I'm always hesitant to give up my money, even if it's for a completely okay reason. Like for example, if someone wants money for gas, or money for food, or whatever, I automatically try to figure out EXACTLY how much it would cost them, and then not give them any more than they paid, or whatever. Also, it seems I often assume things I shouldn't, such as 'this rule probably doesn't really apply to me', among other things. One of the worst things (for other people, anyways), is when I get mad at someone for something, then turn around and do the exact same thing, but think it's alright, and get mad at people for being annoyed.
Another thing, unrelated to self-centeredness, is that I often find myself not necessarily insulting people behind their back, but not exactly complimenting them either. I need to work on that. Next post won't be so down, hopefully, although I need to write one about complaining, that's for sure :P

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