Monday, August 4, 2008

Working my way back up

Not quite a hilarious post, but hopefully it's a bit more entertaining than the previous one. Bear with me.
So my parents are really restrictive, especially in movies and the like. Perhaps they're trying to stop me from having bad influences on me...but at some point it needs to stop. You can't try to do that forever. I understand that parents wouldn't want their impressionable 10-year-old child to go to Disturbia, or to play Grand Theft Auto, but I'm not ten anymore.
Maybe I'll just write a completely different blog post as part of this one, because otherwise I would have written two non-funny blog posts, which would ruin my reputation.
At the fireworks with AJ, I continued my game which I talked about a long time ago. Actually, continued our game. We got some sensual ice cream, and went for a romantic stroll along the waterfront. We saw this boat spraying water out, and we were looking at it for a minute or so, then all of the sudden I hear 'Is that Josh Young?' and I look around and right behind where I was standing were some people I know. Isn't that crazy?
Last year, my eskimo friend started recording a hilarious podcast with his friend. I've totally gotten into it. Some day, I'm going to be part of one. That is a day I can't wait for. Also, I can't wait for the day when Mamma Mia comes out on DVD. I will purchase a copy fo' sho'.

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