Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, it's that time again...or at least it will be in but a few days. Back-to-school time seems less rushed every year, doesn't it? I always used to worry about getting new clothes, and stuff like that, but now I'm kind of just living my summer life until September 1st, and then I plan to go into school mode after that. I think I don't have enough binders, but I only used 2 binders last year so I should be able to last at least a little while with only 2.

I really want to get an Xbox 360, but I want to wait until there's some sort of promotional deal...I wanted to get it when there was the 20G one for $299 and it came with The Orange Box and Rainbow Six....I'd just trade in Rainbow Six at EB Games, but I'd save $40 on not having to buy The Orange Box. Also, I'd really like to get the Xbox at either Superstore or BestBuy, due to the high chances of having to return it. I'm also thinking about getting a 60G, since it's only $50 more, and I can download a lot more stuff with that extra space, including all my games, to save on loading times.

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