Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SModcasts and The Mighty Boosh

This blog post may come as a surprise to you, seeing as how I haven't written anything since December. I guess that would mean I should welcome everyone into the new year or something...
I got an iPod Touch, so I've been spending less and less time on the computer, and more time sitting downstairs watching TV and talking on msn on my iPod. Unfortunately, due to a recent overreaction by my dad, my iPod and phone have been confiscated for a week, and I've been grounded as well. The grounding doesn't bother me too much, except for the fact that I'm grounded for the long weekend...and I won't have my phone or iPod, so I'm not sure what I'll do for about 15 hours on Friday and Saturday.
The real reason I'm writing this is because I'm supposed to be doing English, and I really don't want to. My mom is about the house so I need to do something that from aural distance may seem to be English...with minimal clicking, and maximum typing.

SModcasts. They are podcasts done by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. They are the most hilarious, droll pair of grown men I've ever listened to. For one, they have extremely interesting lives, and also, they aren't afraid to talk about subjects most people don't talk about. Each SModcast is about an hour long, they are very minimally edited, and each one is entertaining throughout. I suppose the majority of people who would listen to a podcast wouldn't want to listen for an hour at a time, so Kevin and Scott's random subject-jumps make it easy to pause partway through a SModcast, yet still enjoy every section. Sometimes, although rarely, one of them will make a joke related to a previously mentioned story or something that happened in the podcast, but for the most part, everything's separate.

The Mighty Boosh. Definitely the funniest British comedy show I've ever watched in my life. My friend gave me the episodes, and I've been watching them on my iPod over the past few weeks. Unfortunately only European region DVDs have been made, so the seasons are only available via downloading. Apparently they may eventually release it with the North American region, and possible even give it a TV spot in the states. The style of the show is sort of a psychedelic/comedy/musical. There's usually a song out of every 2-3 episodes, and it's always hilarious. The two main characters, Howard and Vince, invented a type of scat called crimping. They simultaneously sing/talk hilarious, random lines. One example is as follows (although it can not be fully explained without listening to it)

Soup, soup,
A tasty, soup, super spicy,
Carrot and coriander,
Chilli chowder,
Crouton, crouton, crunchy friends in a liquid broth,
I am gazpacho, oh,
I am a summer soup, mmm,
Miso, Miso, fighting in the dojo, Miso, Miso,
Oriental prince in the land of soup!

Anyways, I'd definitely suggest watching The Mighty Boosh. If it comes to North American television, or they release the DVDs here, I'll definitely write about it.


Thom said...

Gaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo happy you found the might boosh!!! Milky Joe, the Funk, Old Gregg, gaaaaa soooo gooood.

Oisterjosh said...

Milky Joe is definitely the funniest 'trapped on a deserted island' scenario. The rest of the episodes are also pretty brilliant, but none compare to the comedy genius of Milky Joe :P