Thursday, May 31, 2007


I told myself I would never make a facebook or myspace or nexopia or anything.
I lied to myself. I made a Facebook. It's actually not that bad...but what I definitely will never do is send emails to every freaking person on my contact list telling them to join Facebook. You can join if you want, I won't send you 100 emails a day. Ugh. Tagged is even worse. Ew.


Brenden said...

Facebook will suck us all in one day and. You will be able to find anyone on there and stalk them... hurray!! JK

Oisterjosh said...

haha :P
so many creepy old men pretending to be young girls on facebook. watch your back xD

joleneeeee. said...

nexopia pwns facebook D;

my teacher had a facebook.
but she had to delete it cuz some kids found it.

Oisterjosh said...

haha, that happened with a teacher at my friend's school :P
Another teacher at that school had an account on some sort of gay pride website that the kids found him on haha