Friday, February 8, 2008


I wish I could say that the only reason I haven't been keeping up my blog is just because I've been so busy, but the real reason is that my life just really isn't that interesting. During the winter especially, my life gets ultra-boring. Some kids in my area play hockey at the park near my house when it's dry out, but if there's any precipitation then they don't play, because sliding on ice is definitely not fun. They haven't played in a while. Speaking of sports, ever since I quit soccer I've been getting pretty the summer when I work more at the farm, I get a bit more fit, because I'm doing a lot more physical activity. Currently though, I work very little, and the only exercise I get is in PE and walking to/from school. But anyways, there is only so much one can write about their life being boring, so I suppose I'll stop now. Speaking of stopping, I wish my hair would just stop growing. Sometimes hair is just so annoying.

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