Friday, September 7, 2007

New Cell!

As most of you know, about a week ago I fell off my dirtbike, breaking my cell phone that was in my pocket. Anyways, I ordered a new one, and it arrived yesterday! Its picture on the rogers site looks so innocent, but when I got it, I realized how puny it is. Unfortuately , all my contacts were saved to my old phone's memory, as opposed to the sim card. Dang. I also lose my $5 game, and $3 ringtone. I might call Rogers and say my phone broke and I bought a new one, and I want to get my old game and ringtone back, because I only had them for a couple months.

On another note, school's starting again, so I'll probably have some random stuff to blog about. I might start blogging about what I think on a subject, rather than just talking about stuff I have done, or plan to do, or whatever. For example, American politics. My thoughts? None. I know nothing about American politics, and I don't want to know anything about it. Graduated License system? I hate it. I hope Gordon Campbell goes drunk driving again, but doesn't live to make more laws after. I don't get how he can be arrested for drunk driving, then almost instantly go and say that teenaged/new drivers are the most dangerous drivers, or whatever.

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