Thursday, August 30, 2007

School (And #50 post!)

Yeah, school's almost back. I guess I had a fun summer. I managed to avoid work quite a bit, which allowed for a lot of fun days.
Usually, someone with a blog would post pictures of stuff they did during the summer, but just to stick it to the man, I won't. Go on facebook, and look at pictures of me. Everyone else uploaded pictures of what I did, so that's good enough.
Speaking of Facebook, I can't wait until I finally get myself a digital camera, because I will finally be able to take my own pictures with my own camera, instead of taking my dad's, and being so afraid of scratching it etc. I like doing random things, so it helps having a camera. Actually, I will post a picture. This picture is pretty awesome, and captures the essense of enjoying doing random things. It's not on Facebook, so you should feel pretty special.

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