Friday, June 22, 2007

Room Cleanup

These are a bunch of knives...if you didn't know that, you're retarded. And there's also a jet lighter at the bottom. Nothing really that interesting about this picture.
I found this when I was cleaning my room...I got it when I was about maybe 7, and my best friend moved to Campbell River.
Let's play a guessing game...who received the exact same card 3 years in a row from someone? Me! xD
I'm styling the sharktooth necklace I found in the bottom of my drawer haha :P It's not that bad.
Now this is style.
These are my Korean Coke cans. Yay?
It's my nice little corner-piece. I picked it up at the lumberjack show on Grouse mountain.
Crazy Frog toy, GBA SP, Nail-Clippers, Korean Wedding Ducks, Glasses, and Nintendo DS.
As usual, Bob is keeping watch. Who needs a guard dog when you can have Bob?
These are two Korean thingies. Not that interesting.
Whoah, Josh made his bed! :O
Speakers, Phone, and iPod.
It's what Alice Fredo looks like after she came back to me at the concert. <3
Work gloves in my hat that I wear to work...quite the formal attire, eh? And also a couple toques and a few belts.
Autographed Hawk Nelson kazoo :D There are a few more autographs, one on the bottom and one on the other side I think.