Thursday, June 7, 2007


Okay, so generally I wake up for school at 7:00, and can leave by about 8:00. This morning, however, I saw my alarm clock, and thought it said 7:03, and I thought 'why didn't my cell phone alarm wake me?' Anyways, I got up, showered, then was eating breakfast while on the computer...and I noticed it was 6 freaking 30. That means it was 6:03 this morning, not 7:03. I turned off my alarm and cursed the heavens, like Harold Crick. So I guess I'm going to be playing Gamecube or something this morning. Maybe I'll do some Twilight Princess before someone spoils the whole game for me. ;)


Anonymous said...

lol@harold krick.

Oisterjosh said...

yay harold krick :D