Sunday, April 15, 2007


Last night I went to a barbecue with about...15 buddies...and a couple more new buddies :P
It was really fun, and we had a fire...and everyone criticized my fire making skills, but when they tried, they failed miserably. Anyone selling a bellows? I could use one. My fires would be killer.
Anyways, about the barbecue. There was a lot of was Bring Your Own Meat, but lots of people brought stuff to share..which is good because I wasn't told it was BYOM :P
So Big Josh brought some cheddar smokies (which were friggen DELICIOUS), and also a steak that was round, and about 25cm in diameter. A few other people brought things, like chicken burgers, buns, shrimp, bread (which was meant to end up as garlic bread but nobody spent the time), condiments, marshmallows, pop, chips, and timbits.
PS - putting small amounts of gas on a fire is extremely fun


Brenden said...

I want some cheddar smokies, they sounds delicious!!

Brandon said...

My cousin got severe facial burns when they were putting small amounts of gas on a fire. Somehow it no longer seems like a fun idea to me. :-/

Oisterjosh said...

They were delicious :) loaded with cheddar...mmmmm

Oisterjosh said...

They had a chimney thing...above the grate over the fire, it was about 4 feet high, and about 2 feet wide, and it would direct all the fire and smoke up, so we were safe :)