Sunday, April 22, 2007

iPod - With iBoy!

I tried and tried and tried to get iPodLinux on my nano, but it just wouldn't work. I was on the forums, trying all sorts of installers, but none worked. I got on my laptop, restored the iPod so it is Windows, and then within about 4 hours, it was working...Unfortunately, Podzilla doesn't work. But then again, what is so good about Podzilla? I don't have enough space to watch videos, and I can directly link to iDoom and such from the Loader2, so Podzilla is a waste. I have been playing Pokemon Yellow a lot...I tried to play Pokemon Crystal, but Morning/Day/Night play a large part in the game, and when the game isn't running, the clock isn't running.
Speaking of Pokemon, Diamond and Pearl came out today. I wish I had a DS :(
I still have the .zip files for putting iBoy on a First Generation nano, and a complete readme, made by myself. I am so proud of myself :)
Drop me a line if you want the files. Only for Windows, unfortunately.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey dude,

I have ipodlinux with podzilla.

Please send me the iboy instructions/zip folders.

Also, try to send me the way to install ipodlinux with Loader2.
The Ipodlinux site is down.

My email is:

if u want i can give you ipodlinux with podzilla.

Thanks dude u pwne!