Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crazy dreams.

Last night I had the strangest dream. I was with a bunch of people, I don't remember who, but anyways, we were all in Korea, and we were walking around, and I was being all tour-guide-ish, and it was kind of funny because I totally remembered everything, including a kid named Jason. We met him once, while we were kicking a soccer ball around, and he spoke English, and apparently lived in America for 2 years. And then we went to his house for a bit, then about a week later we came by and visited him, and he lived in a big group of apartments, and he was amazed we remembered where he lived :P
And I still remembered.
Anyways, so we were just walking down the street, and I pointed to my apartment and said 'thats where I lived!' then we bought some little dough-ball things, and walked over to the apartment. We went into the building, and up the elevator, and into the room...and I still had the cardkey or whatever, and we just sat there watching TV until I woke up.

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La vie est belle- Life is beautiful said...

Very awesome.
I never really have any dreams that detailed, except about haunted houses and cars crashing into rivers. And those aren't really my favorite... :P