Monday, March 19, 2007


Whoah! A post about YouTube and it isn't advertising a video made by Josh?

Anyways, I just figured I would write a bit about YouTube and give some

Firstly, I love watching funny videos on YouTube. Great idea by the
original owners, and I suppose it is still good under the ownership of

Now, into more specifics. My most favourite YouTuber is

Although I generally dislike people with numbers in their names, as it is
so hard to remember etc...I have been watching Blunty's stuff since he was
on geocities.

Anyways, Blunty (Nate Burr) used to make LEGO animations by the
bucketload, but recieved an injury at his work (A TV in a box fell on his
back) so he couldn't really make any more animations. He eventually made a
couple, over the course of months...Then one day he pops up on YouTube. He
is now on the 3rd page of most subscribed all time, one of those
subscribers being me :)

Anyways, I chat with him on a regular basis, and he makes a lot of movies
just filming himself talking, usually either rants or scripted hilarious
things. Mostly rants. The occasional animation, too.

Secondly, Smosh. Smosh is Anthony
and Ian, and they make hilarious parodies of theme songs, and also a lot
of hilarious videos they make up themselves. There isn't much else to
say...They are sponsored by LiveVideo, and they have to make 2 videos per
month to keep the sponsorship.

Last but not least, BaratsAndBereta. They don't make very many videos, and they aren't all
great, but they have definitely made some absolutely hilarious ones.

Catch ya later

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